Jason Brock of 'Champagne and Follies' on reinventing pop hits 

The San Francisco resident performs his cabaret show “Champagne and Follies” at the Bubble Lounge every second Wednesday of the month, including today.

How do you go about developing a new show? I think about my repertoire first — what I have already — and then I think about the venue and the audience — the potential audience and the target audience and what I think they might want to hear. For this show, it’s really a show that showcases the best that I do, my favorite songs, so it’s really a crowd-pleasing show.

What can your audience look forward to with “Champagne and Follies”? Pop covers done with my own spin, which is kind of like a little bit soul-meets-gospel-meets-cabaret. I do R&B, some jazz standards and some bawdy storytelling.

Who have been your greatest influences or inspiration as a performer?
Tina Turner. She was my first role model as a kid. She was the first person I ever heard sing that moved my soul. Her endurance as a performer over time is incredible.

What do you like most about doing your own show? I really love interacting with my audience, and being a solo performer enables me to do that.

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