James Blunt makes, takes the jokes 

Sensitive but funny British crooner James Blunt has scored a campy role on an upcoming BBC sitcom alongside comedian Jack Whitehall and “Made in Chelsea” creator Hugo Taylor, who is writing the script.

“We haven’t mapped it out yet, we’re just finding our way,” says Blunt, talking about the still to be named show, which will revolve around the entertainment industry. The sharp-witted performer adds, “But I think when you get involved in a thing like this, you have to have some kind of knowledge of — or background in — what you’re doing.”

In the U.S., fans mostly know the Grammy-nominated Blunt for his smash 2004 debut disc “Back to Bedlam” with its omnipresent hits “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover.” But everywhere else in the world, he is still a stadium-sized superstar. He is topping charts again with his new fourth effort, “Moon Landing,” and its monster single “Bonfire Heart,” which he’ll back in The City’s relatively intimate Fillmore this week.

But — in interview, shrewdly-phrased lyrics, and his supremely snarky Twitter feed, 793,000 followers strong — the singer is absolutely hilarious.

Blunt doesn’t just rise to meet every knuckleheaded online putdown — he revels in them. “Why are people following James Blunt?” someone recently inquired on @jamesblunt (originally @dirtylilblunt), to which he responded “They’re not — they’re running me out of town.”

He also delights when his quavering voice is sneeringly compared to Chris DeBurgh’s, or when he’s able to correct the spelling on some obscenity-laden post about him. When one detractor inquired if he might have female sex organs instead of male, he shot back “If I did, I would never go out.”

As Blunt sees it, “People who are into blurting out things online like ‘I’m your biggest fan!’ or ‘Will you follow me?’ Well, they sound a bit frightening, the kind of people my parents warned me about as a child.”

While 10,000 fans might attend a typical European gig, he adds. “But there’s still this guy who’s at home alone, trousers around his ankles, writing five nasty words about you. It’s weird to ascribe any importance to him when he didn’t even bother to pull his trousers up, come along to a concert, and then say how much he didn’t like it.”

Blunt penned a “Moon Landing” song on the subject — the delightful pop minuet “Satellites,” with its observation “Everyone we know’s out there waiting by a phone/ Wondering why they feel alone in this life.”

He’s also edited fake accomplishments into his own Wikipedia page, like winning the Nobel Peace Prize. “If I mess around with these things enough, and keep putting them out,” he says. “Then maybe they’ll become reality!”


James Blunt

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