Jake Tapper in line to host "This Week"? 

This is Jake's "polite, listening" face.    (ABC News)

Beltway Confidential's partiality to ABC News' Jake Tapper is no secret. He sticks up for his colleagues, sticks it to the man and is as fair and tough as you'd want in a White House correspondent. He's also hot, but don't worry about that right now.

The blog also hearts ABC's Terry Moran, who also is in the running to take over "This Week," now that George Stephanopoulos has (inexplicably) gone on to "Good Morning America." There is also a popular push for the great Gwen Ifill, on Facebook and elsewhere.

Normally, we wouldn't care who takes over what Sunday network talk show. Does anyone under 75 still watch those? We took only a sporting interest in the frantic machinations over filling the late Tim Russert's brogans, then promptly went back to napping.

Weirdly, this time we find ourselves caring, although we probably still won't get up on Sunday to watch.

From Dartmouth '91, Tapper went from cartoonist, to the City Paper (where he parlayed a blind date with Monica Lewinsky into a minor role in the Clinton saga) then covered Bush's first campaign for Salon and eventually ended up as White House correspondent for ABC News -- in line to host "This Week." Totally weird, offbeat trajectory -- but we dig it.

His prospects have picked up a few endorsements -- Mediaite notes that last night, Stephen Colbert plugged Tapper's candidacy, and SNL's Seth Meyers Twittered his support.

And not for nothing, but Tapper's taking Scott Brown to the White House Correspondents Association dinner on May 1. We are so jealous!

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