Jake McGoldrick tells Supervisor Scott Wiener to ‘trash’ his idea 

On rare occasions former District 1 Supervisor Jake McGoldrick will turn up at a Board of Supervisors hearing to speak his mind and he never disappoints. The well-read English professor has a way with words.

McGoldrick turned up at last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting to speak against Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposed charter amendment for the Nov. 8 ballot that has stirred up a lot of opposition.

Under the measure the Board of Supervisors would be empowered to amend or repeal certain voter-approved measures after a period of time.

McGoldrick introduced himself as “citizen at large.”

“I’ve gotten a little larger, about five pounds larger. It’s too tough to get to the gym these days,” he said.

McGoldrick then got to the point. “Please reject this. Don’t reject the fundamental principle of our culture, the consent of the governed,” he said.

Wiener had amended the measure so that if approved by voters it would apply only to those measures passed by voters after Jan. 2012, and just those put on the ballot by the board or mayor. Some critics had said Wiener must have a secret agenda about which existing voter approved laws he wanted to change, something he continued to say was not true,

But McGoldrick still blasted it. “I don’t care whether it is prospective or whether it’s retrospective, I don’t care whether it’s inspective, this really is an assault on our democratic process,” he said. “If there is anything that is sacred in our system of government, it’s the will the voters. The will of the voters is sacrosanct.”

McGoldrick advised Wiener to “take this and put in the trash bin of ideas that indeed should be set aside.”

“When the voters vote for it, when you don’t like it, what do you do? Go back to the voters,” he said.

The Board of Supervisors Rules Committee will vote Thursday on whether to send the proposed charter amendment to the full board. The committee meets at 9:30 a.m. at City Hall in Room 263.


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