Jacob Mar helps you add a personal touch to your landscape 

Jacob Mar, a landscape architect, recently joined the team of Jenna Bayer Garden Design in Mountain View. The company, which provides personal landscaping, has worked with famous clients such as Joe Montana.

How did you decide to become a landscape architect? I came from a family of gardeners. My grandparents were gardeners, and my dad has a large vegetable garden. I gained an appreciation for functional edible plants, as well as their aesthetics.

What’s your favorite part of the job? It’s getting to know the client better, so I can create more of a unique landscape for them and tell a story. We had a client in Palo Alto, and he was an avid tennis player, but had his share of errant shots, so we designed ceramic tennis balls into the wall of a pool house.

When is the best time to garden and see plants? Do you have a favorite plant? Now is the time to go out and garden. Some of the local gardens I like to go to are Filoli and the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Right now, one of my favorite plants is called Kangaroo Paw, a drought-tolerant tough plant that puts out flowers and resembles a paw. It puts a focal point in the garden and really has a lively look to it.


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