Jackson opens up on body image struggles 

In her new memoir, Janet Jackson speaks of her grief at losing brother Michael. But the pop star also reveals that his teasing inadvertently contributed to her struggle with her body image.

“A lot of his pet names had to do with my backside,” the singer-actress recalls in “True You,” a self-help and diet book, per excerpts published in the New York Post.

She also remembers the late “Thriller” singer taking note of a slender young woman when Janet was 7 years old. Years later, “I still saw her as some fantasy, the perfect woman with the perfect body.”

Janet says she came to believe her curvy shape was “terribly wrong” due to her brother’s idea of beauty: “I embraced it, I internalized it, and, without knowing it, became tormented by it for years to come.” She recalls adopting unhealthy eating habits like skipping meals and depriving herself of food.

At this point in her life, Jackson seems to have come to a healthy self-image and acceptance of her body. The sad irony is that Michael himself never got to that place in his own life.

Tat Too Soon

Really? Already? Eva Longoria has only just debuted her new boyfriend, but Eduardo Cruz already has her name inked on his arm.

The 25-year-old hottie, younger brother of actress Penelope Cruz, was photographed with an “Eva” tattoo visible on his arm.

Ironically, the “Desperate Housewives” star recently divorced Tony Parker, and judging from recent photos, she has either removed the wrist tattoo commemorating their wedding date (“7-7-07” in Roman numerals) or covered it up.

Eva also has (or had) a tattoo of the basketball player’s team number, NINE, on the back of her neck ... and a tat of Tony’s initials someplace where, well, we can’t tell whether she had it removed.

So, given all that, she didn’t talk Eduardo out of getting an “Eva” tattoo? This takes the relationship tattoo jinx to a whole new level!

Talking It Out

We can’t exactly call it a bromance, but Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean have finally hugged it out.

The activist actor and the Haiti native traded barbs a year ago after the country was rocked by a massive earthquake: Sean criticized Clef’s bid for president of the troubled nation, and Clef responded with what Sean’s rep called “highly irresponsible and false” allegations of drug use.

But when they found themselves at the same NYC venue — to see a Haitian band perform, natch — the two stars reportedly hashed out their differences and made up.

“They were both in the venue, and when they saw each other at around 1 a.m., they started a confrontation,” a source told Page Six. “Things seemed pretty tense, and everyone around them was nervous.”

But then “they then asked staff if they could go somewhere private, so they were led into a dressing room backstage where they could be alone and shut the door,” said the source. “They weren’t yelling and screaming, but they had it out and aired their differences for 30 minutes. When they came out they hugged each other, they went onstage and stood side-by-side.”

This is nice to hear! Celebrity trash-talking is usually good fun, but it has no place in a discussion of the plight of suffering people.

Kitty Raymond is an entertainment writer and astrologer. She welcomes feedback at kitty@media-darling.com.

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