It’s time to put Newt in the White House 

I agree with the Thursday letter that explained why Newt Gingrich is the only electable Republican presidential candidate. I have carefully followed Newt’s career since the Reagan years and I’m convinced he is the man for president in these trying, dangerous times.

We need a great communicator with his skills and experience to bring us through it with success. Now, more than ever, is the time for all good voters to come to the aid of their country. Gingrich and a Republican Congress are the answer.

Daniel B. Jeffs, Apple Valley


Turkey is no terrorist state

As an American of Turkish descent, I am writing to express my outrage about Gov. Rick Perry’s Jan. 16 GOP debate statement that Turkey is governed by terrorists, so it should receive no U.S. foreign aid and its membership in NATO should be questioned.

In fact, Turkey is the only country in the Middle East whose government is democratically elected by full participation of all of its citizens.

Utkir Mustafaev, San Francisco


SF’s sheriff stumper

Having lived in the Bay Area since 1966, goodness knows, I have seen plenty of changes. As a straight conservative, I learned the language of the left — LGBT, transgender, tree hugger, progressive, etc.

But today, I am stumped. How did we come to elect a sheriff who apparently has serious anger issues, or an assemblywoman who claimed she has a brain tumor that triggers shoplifting?

Theodore Carl Soderberg, San Francisco


Apologists in hot water

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s career is over if the latest allegations showing a pattern of domestic abuse can be corroborated by evidence. The charges of dissuading a witness and threatening to use his political clout to obtain custody of the child may be the most troubling, if sustained.

All this is especially galling to apologists because of Mirkarimi’s credentials as a leader of the local progressive movement. However, progressives are neither better nor worse than conservatives or anyone else in their personal failings, and to suggest otherwise is simply foolish.

John Dillon, San Bruno


Join Gaga to help youth

I just joined the Born This Way Foundation, an organization founded by Lady Gaga to provide our youth with the tools and support they need to better realize their potential and to inspire a loving and accepting society.

I’d like you to help support our youth by joining this great organization. Lady Gaga started the Born This Way Foundation when a young fan of hers committed suicide after being bullied for being gay.

Bob Sodervick, San Francisco


In favor of free speech

We claim to treasure our free speech while we safely lip-sync the simplicities identified with our favorite association, union or group, gang, country club or clique that caters to our mirror-image self-interest.

When push comes to shove, free speech is honored in the breach.

Don’t quote me.

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

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