It's the union work rules, stupid 

In response to my Sunday Examiner column blaming the late Frederick W. Taylor for the plight of labor unions (if the connection doesn’t seem obvious to you, read the piece), engineer and private space exploration advocate Rand Simberg to remind me of his excellent December 2008 Pajamas Media blogpost on UAW work rules. His point is that the work rules, justified as a response to Taylorite management, did immense damage to the Michigan-based automakers, and he cites his own summer jobs in a General Motors factory in Flint. It’s definitely worth reading the whole thing. I have no specific recollection of this piece, but I’m pretty sure I read it, probably when it was linked to by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. Interestingly, he cites a blogpost I wrote back then from my perch at U.S. News and World Report, which makes some of the same points as my Sunday column.

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