It’s not the right time for a wheelchair ramp 

It seems to me that the $477,732 wheelchair ramp being contemplated for the Board of Supervisors chamber is ridiculous. The federal Americans with Disabilities Act clearly meant its access provisions for the general public and not for specialized uses such as the Legislative Chamber. Just how many people are expected to be climbing that incline?

There are so many other options costing so much less. A miniature levator would probably be cheaper to install and more convenient to use. A sturdy but moveable ramp should not be out of the question.

Times are tight enough for the San Francisco budget these days without the added expense of $8,629 per relocated board meeting while the 10-week construction project is finishing up after summer recess.

William J. Coburn, San Francisco

SFPD’s priorities

I was recently called by an individual who claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House and said I just won the second-place prize worth $2.5 million. He knew my address and that I am a senior citizen.

However, since I did not receive the prize claim in the mail, I would have to come by a local Walgreens and purchase the claim form for a mere $304.76. He gave me a couple phone numbers to call and a name to contact.

After politely declining to become a millionaire, I called the San Francisco Police Department’s Central Station and was told to come in and write a report. But when I got to the substation, the dispatcher on duty pretty much told me I was wasting everybody’s time, so I left.

Does SFPD give a hoot?

Paul Ledyard, San Francisco

Challenging Muni route

Most of you are probably too young to remember, but it used to be that night-shift workers, regardless of which industry, were customarily paid 10 percent extra, even in nonunion outfits.

Did you know that operators on Muni’s 14-Mission bus late at night are given only 38 minutes to go from the Ferry Building to Daly City, sometimes with standing loads? This would often be impossible even driving your own vehicle and not picking anybody up, yet the San Francisco Municipal Transportation agency expects operators to do it.

That there are hardly any accidents because of this stupidity is a testament to Muni operators’ skills.

Michael J. Benardo, San Francisco

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