It's a girl! Oprah tells stunning family secret 

Oprah’s big family secret is out of the bag! After promising to share a shocking discovery from her past, the talk show queen delivered the big news on Monday’s show: She has a sister.

The media mogul said she only found out in November that she has a half-sister named Patricia, who grew up in foster homes before being adopted at age 7. Oprah and her mother — who had never mentioned Patricia’s existence — were reunited with her on the show.

Patricia explained that she had sought to find her birth mother but was told in 2007 the woman didn’t want to meet her. (Aaawk-waaard!)

But on the very day she received that rejection, she happened to catch a local news story about O’s mom, Vernita Lee, and connected the dots. She was able to contact the daughter of Oprah’s other (now deceased) half-
sister and confirm the family connection via DNA testing.

After Patricia learned of her famous sister, “she never once thought to go to the press,” Oprah noted gratefully. “She never once thought to sell this story.”

Before revealing the big news on Monday’s show, Oprah teased viewers by saying that the revelation “literally shook me to my core.”

Well, that’s probably nothing compared to how her sister felt! Imagine finding out you had a long-lost sibling … who happened to be one of the richest and most powerful women in the world? We’re thinking Patricia has already pitched the concept for her own show on the OWN network.

New Boa Friend

For Heather Graham, revenge is a dish best served hot and heavy. The “Hangover” star reportedly made no bones about flaunting her new boy toy in front of her ex at a recent event.

The New York Post reports that the ageless actress showed up at an after-party for a Moby show at NYC’s Chelsea Hotel with an unidentified younger date in tow, sporting “a pink boa from a strip-dance class.” (How they knew this accessory’s origin, we’re not sure.)

Also in attendance: Heather’s boyfriend from two years ago, Charles Ferri, owner of Hamptons hot spot Star Room.

“She made her way into the main room and started making out with her new guy in front of Ferri,” a source dished. “Everyone was pretty shocked.”

Memo to Heather: If you’re trying to look like you’ve moved on, try not to look like you’re trying too hard to look like you’ve moved on.

Sickly Sweet Tweets

Speaking of trying too hard: We’re happy that Jessica Simpson has found love again, really we are … but could she please stop reminding us? We could seriously live without the nauseating stream of Twitter posts gushing about fiancé Eric Johnson.

“Saying my prayers before bedtime…Thank you Lord for blessing me with a Man that has the perfect Tush,” the sometime singer tweeted Saturday night. “Laying my hands upon it with peace.”

Jess, honey, we get that you’re just that into him. But if you want to set your music career back on track, and get publicity for something other than your love life, stop being part of the problem.

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