It’s a dirty job but San Francisco cops have to do it 

From on-the-spot psychiatry and public drunkenness to shoplifters and stolen motor homes, San Francisco police had their hands full this week.

2900 block of 23rd Avenue
6:20 a.m. Sunday

An officer responded to a report of a person living out of a motor home, police said. The officer ran the plate and discovered it had been switched and the motor home was stolen. The woman inside was arrested even though she said she was there to meet a friend.

2500 block of Ocean Avenue
11:40 a.m. Sunday

An employee at a store saw a woman shoplifting, cops said. The employee was able to get the items back after a brief struggle outside the store. The sticky-fingered woman got away.

500 block of Chenery Street
1:30 p.m. Monday

Officers responded to the scene of a man staggering and falling down, police said. Cops detained the man and noticed he had fresh-looking injuries and smelled of booze, so they called an ambulance. At that point the inebriate made a break for it. “The chase was on!” police said. Cops were hot on his heels when he slipped and landed on his face. After a brief struggle to control the man he was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment, cops said.

100 block of Henry Street
6:10 a.m. Tuesday

A man who reportedly had stopped taking his medication for a pre-existing psychiatric illness was running around the street waving a knife in his hand, cops said. He was taken by police for a mental health evaluation.

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