It doesn't matter that Weiner is resigning 

It's news when a Congressman publicly posts pictures of his genitalia in various states of undress, and lies about it until caught. It's also news whenever a Congressman resigns mid-term. But, please, do we have to spend so much time on this topic.

The massive amount of media attention on Weiner is pure entertainment, and rather prurient entertainment at that, I think.

If you disagree with me, ask yourself: Does Weiner's resignation matter?

My answer: No. In fact, I can hardly think of a congressman's resignation that matters less. Here's why?

1) This doesn't affect the balance of power in Congress. A 255-178 majority is not meaningfully different from a 255-177 majority.

2) Weiner is not an important legislator. Remember that historic piece of legislation Weiner crafted? No. You don't. Because he didn't do that. His job wasn't to legislate. His job was to launch overheated rhetorical attacks on Republicans which "progressives" would circulate around their Kos and TPM blogs until maybe CNN or MSNBC picked them up.

3) Weiner's tweet-then-lie ploy had already muted as an effective voice. Considering his job was entirely as a spokesman of sorts, his effectiveness rested entirely on his having some level of credibility. That was gone the minute he had to admit he was lying and junk-tweeting.

4) Weiner's congressional district might be carved up/eliminated during redistricting. Redistricting is happening in the next few months up in Albany. District lines on Long Island and the outer boroughs will look very different in the 2012 election. A vacancy there, or a freshman having just won a special election, has little or no long-term relevance.

So, can we move on now?

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