Is Sandra aching to get hitched to Ryan? 

More Ryan rumors: Star magazine is clamoring that Sandra Bullock is “hung up” on “The Proposal” co-star Ryan Reynolds. - GETTY IMAGES FILE PHOTO
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  • More Ryan rumors: Star magazine is clamoring that Sandra Bullock is “hung up” on “The Proposal” co-star Ryan Reynolds.

We know Star magazine has come up with some pretty over-the-top tales in the past, but this time, the tabloid’s story about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds really takes the cake. Despite the fact that the A-list actors have repeatedly made it clear that they’re longtime pals and nothing more, Star claims that Sandra is desperate to marry Ryan.

Although he’s hot and heavy with actress Blake Lively, a source is said to have dished, “Sandra’s still so hung up on Ryan, I think she’d drop everything at a moment’s notice to be his wife if her dream somehow came true and he popped the question. Given all the time they spent together last year, I’m sure the subject has come up between them — and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Sandra’s idea.”

“In fact, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Sandra was still dropping hints to Ryan that he should make her Mrs. Reynolds — even though he’s dating Blake,” says the supposed insider. “That’s how crazy she is about him. But it’s one heck of a heavy torch to be carrying.”

Oh, please! We can’t picture Sandy pathetically pining after a guy that way … even a guy as overwhelmingly hunky as Ryan Reynolds.

Sentimental Seal

Seal is dealing with his separation from Heidi Klum … but he is a long way from moving on. The crooner explained to Ellen DeGeneres that he’s still wearing his wedding ring as “a token of how I feel about this woman.”

“We have eight years, eight wonderful years together,” Seal says. “Just because we have decided to separate doesn’t necessarily mean you take off your ring and you’re no longer connected to that person. We will be connected in many ways for the rest of our lives.”

Does that mean he’ll wear the ring indefinitely? “Who knows?” he says.

Oh, please let this mean Heidi and Seal might still get back together!

Angelina: Plane Rude

Angelina Jolie says she doesn’t really have many female friends … and maybe she has no one but herself to blame.

According to a new report, the Oscar winner totally froze out Stacy Keibler, girlfriend of her baby-daddy Brad Pitt’s BFF George Clooney, when the foursome shared a private jet ride earlier this month.

En route from Los Angeles to the Palm Springs International Film Festival, “Angelina refused to acknowledge that Stacy was even on the plane,” a source told Us magazine. “Angelina went out of her way to ignore her, from takeoff to landing. She would not even look Stacy’s way. She was not having it!”

Oh, please don’t act surprised. Angie may pretend she doesn’t care about her image, but we all know she would never be caught dead palling around with a former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant.

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