Is Cameron Diaz using Justin Timberlake to make A-Rod commit? 

Is Cameron Diaz using Justin Timberlake to make Alex Rodriguez jealous? The actress is reportedly determined to get the Yankees slugger to make a commitment to her.

“Alex and Cameron broke up briefly this spring because he kept waffling on settling down with her and he complained she was getting too clingy and that he needed space,” a source told Star magazine. Hence, allegedly, “Cameron tried a little reverse psychology on A-Rod.”

In other words, the “Bad Teacher” star got close to her co-star — and former boyfriend — J.T. on the red carpet at the flick’s June 20 premiere, even planting a smooch on him.

“They were very touch-feely all night,” an onlooker said. “Cameron was giggling and clearly lapping up the attention.”

And apparently it worked. A-Rod “went so far as to call Justin and demand to know if he was going after Cam again,” per a source. “Justin swore up and down that he wasn’t.”

The baseball star is said to have started making allusions to marriage, and asking her for decorating advice for the mansion he’s having built in Miami.

“Alex’s ego has been bruised,” the source said. “He was afraid she’d dump him for Justin, so he’s making amends. Cam didn’t want to play games with him, but she has Alex exactly where she wants him.”

As usual, we cry foul on this story. Cameron always said she doesn’t believe in marriage. And A-Rod does not seem like he is capable of having his ego bruised.


Brangelina in trouble?

And speaking of bogus-sounding stories, it’s time for our weekly unfounded “Brad and Angelina on the rocks” report. This installment in the ongoing series comes from OK! magazine, which claims Brad Pitt has been flirting on the Malta set of his upcoming zombie flick, “World War Z.”

“He’s been spending a lot of time with a woman who’s been seen with him on and off the set,” a source allegedly said. “And word is that Angelina [Jolie] is paranoid about her — she’s drop-dead gorgeous, and I’m sure Angie’s determined to find out what’s going on between them.”

The Oscar-winning actress “has a problem with any other woman who’s in Brad’s life,” the source said. “She hates the fact that he keeps in touch with [ex-wife] Jen [Aniston].”

Brad recently made a comment that he and Angie are now mulling the long-resisted idea of marriage since their six kids ask them about it frequently. The tabloid takes this to mean that wedding plans are in full swing — but, naturally, have been halted by this supposed rift.

“Their marriage plans haven’t been discussed for a few weeks now,” the source said. “And it’s quite a coincidence that they’re being pushed back right when Brad is getting close to another woman.”

Like we said: bogus. Does this chick even have a name?

Vinnie’s back!

“Jersey Shore” fans rejoice: Vinnie has returned to the Seaside Heights house.

Last week, the fist-pumping Staten Island native stormed out of the house after an argument with one of the other housemates, TMZ reported, intending never to return. And his fellow cast members allegedly were none too sorry to see him go.

But evidently, fences were mended. On Sunday, the reality TV star was spotted returning to the house bearing a laundry bag — full, we presume, of T-shirts.

What prompted the reconciliation? On Saturday night, the crew had dinner together and went clubbing.

Apparently, they worked things out.

Hurrah! The glorious tradition of MVP Night will live on!

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