Is Boehner plan a prelude to tax hikes? 

When Sens Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Tom Carper, D-Del., talked debt hike deal on Squawk Box this morning, Carper surprised the CNBC hosts when he seemingly endorsed Speaker John Boehner’s, R-Ohio, two-tiered plan.

Sen. Carper: The best plan, and Ron probably wasn’t part of this last week, we had 50 U.S. Senators, half Democrat and half Republican gathered in one of the rooms in the Capitol and what we discussed was the Simpson-Bowles proposal worked up by the deficit commission a year ago. It is bipartisan, it is comprehensive, it is over $4 trillion over the next ten years, more than two-thirds of it on the spending side ... I predict that what is going to be on the table is we are going to do a short-term bump up in the debt ceiling and we’ll come back to the plan that has been formulated by some very smart people last year, supported by dozens of senators, Democrats and Republicans, for this year.

Host: That sounds like Boehner’s deal. I thought the President wont accept anything short term and you can’t do that in the Democratic Senate, can you Senator?

Sen. Carper: What some of us are going to be pushing for is a short-term bump up in the debt ceiling, if its a month or two, to fully vet this, to make sure we have all out ‘t’s crossed and our ‘i’s dotted.

Host: The President will veto that.

Sen. Carper: Actually the President last Tuesday encouraged us to do this very kind of thing.

We’ll have to see what is actually in the Boehner plan, but if it fast-tracks whatever the commission comes up with, and that whatever is guaranteed to look a lot like the Gang of Six plan Carper mentions above, then it appears the Boehner is really just a prelude to trillion dollar tax hikes.

Watch and decide for yourself:

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