Is Angelina Jolie really angry at Chaz Bono? 

One of the sillier trumped-up celeb “feuds” we’ve heard about in a while: Angelina Jolie is supposedly fuming because Chaz Bono referenced her 4-year-old daughter Shiloh, who famously prefers to dress like a boy, in an interview.

The transgender activist, who chronicled his transition from female to male in a documentary, recently told E! he would “love to talk to” the actress and baby-daddy Brad Pitt, to provide support if needed.

But “Angie really feels that her kids are off-limits,” a source tells OK! magazine.

“People have been openly discussing Shiloh’s sexuality for a while, simply because she dresses like a tomboy. It’s ridiculous,” says the so-called insider. “She’s not even 5 and she’s already labeled as having a gender crisis? It’s upsetting to them — it would be to any parent.”

“The way she sees it is that it’s perfectly normal for little girls to be tomboys when they’re that age,” the source asserts.

Indeed. But we have a hard time imagining Angelina would really get upset about this. She talks about Shiloh’s tomboy ways in interviews all the time!


Rosario: Single


As recently as April, Rosario Dawson and her boyfriend “seemed very in love” at a Prince concert, a source tells Us magazine. But the actress has reportedly split with French DJ Mathieu Schreyer.

“They were always in separate places because of their careers,” explains a source. “I know her close friends did not love his personality. He wasn’t that smiley type of guy.”

“She broke up with him,” notes a source. “She was the one who ended it.”

The pair had been dating, and living together since 2008, though they kept a low profile as a couple. “Sometimes relationships only work when all the fanfare is there,” the actress told People magazine that year. “But it’s great when it works when none of that is there.”

And either way, it’s a bummer when it doesn’t work. Let’s hope Rosario finds a nice “smiley” guy next time around.

Paulina’s pills


Paulina Porizkova is opening up about her battle with anxiety attacks — and the dependence on antidepressants that resulted. The supermodel says getting the boot from “America’s Next Top Model” and “Dancing With the Stars” led to her suffering panic attacks. When she began taking the antidepressants her doctor prescribed, however, she felt her personality was being numbed — and experienced a “sexual distancing from my husband.”

“I felt emotionally Botoxed,” Paulina, who is married to Cars rocker Ric Ocasek, recalled to the Huffington Post. “I decided that this affair had all the drawbacks of an affair.”

She decided to stop taking the meds and experienced “three weeks of being tired and shaky from wrangling with awful dreams.”

“I could finally understand the drug addicts who had cleaned up but wrestled with the urge to use every day,” said Paulina, who says she’s “not an anti-medicine crusader,” but is “starting to wonder whether antidepressants can often be the emotional equivalent of plastic surgery.”

Botox, plastic surgery … interesting metaphor choices.

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