Irish tin whistle player brings sound to San Francisco 

Ceri Garfield, a 24-year-old musician from Ireland, is breaking into the San Francisco scene. She started tin whistle lessons at about the age of 5 and started learning the flute at age 17.

What brought you to San Francisco?
The music. I had an idea San Francisco was full of music. Many bands, small venues and plenty of Irish music. I thought it would be great to live here for awhile and soak it all up. It’s more open and accepting here. The City is so metropolitan and you’ll always meet somebody who’s never seen a tin whistle before and is really curious to hear you play.

Where do you play? I play at Nickies, Lower Haight, on Sunday nights with some great Bay Area musicians. I also have an upcoming gig at Terry’s Lodge, at 15th and Irving, in May.

Do you teach? How difficult is it to teach children?
I teach beginner and intermediate lessons for children on [the] tin whistle. I love it. Kids are so enthusiastic and they take to the whistle straight away, as it’s such an easy instrument to pick up. They can get a note out of it after a few attempts, and they love the immediacy of that.

Where can people find out more information about your music?, and you can find my Facebook page under Ceri Garfield.

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