Iraq hawks employ Prophetic Psychoanalysis to justify war in Libya 

David Frum, one of the most vociferous voices last decade calling for war in Iraq, has another blog post beating the drum for war in Libya. Read Frum's "questions for non-interventionists" closely and you realize they are all grounded in a combination of psychoanalysis and prophesy

will Arab and Muslim opinion really believe that we were “neutral”?

What behavior can we expect from a Muammar Qaddafi...?

How many Libyans will flee the country...?

If you are the king of Saudi Arabia, what conclusions do you draw...?

If you are the prime minister of Iraq, what conclusions do you draw...?

If you are the president of Venezuela and you lose an election, how will you react...?

If you are a Libyan insurgent and you are offered arms by international Islamist groups, do you say yes or no?

I don't know how these people would react in Frum's hypotheticals, but neither does Frum.

Prophetic Psychoanalysis is weak method for justifying war. And of all the people I'd count on for psycho-analysis of the Muslim mind, Frum might be the last. Let's recall, Frum is the one who wrote in 2003 about the Iraqis "welcoming their liberators."

And on the score of Frum's prophesy ability, let's recall the virulence with which he attacked those who warned against invading Iraq, only to find himself a few years later scratching his head and trying to point fingers while asking "Why did Iraq go so very badly wrong?"

I don't look forward to Frum's blog post a few years from now, asking the same about our war with Libya.

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