Iranian Opposition: "On Liberation day, be on your people's side." 

   Members of the largest opposition group in Iran have sent a message via Internet pleading with the Iranian Armed Forces to stand with the people, even as the government rolled out the military to meet protests.
      Despite the Iranian governments public support for the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, members of its own opposition are being held under house arrest and protesters are being threatened by secret police, news agencies in the region are reporting.
      Members of the Green Party delivered a video message this weekend via Internet, The Washington Examiner has learned.
      The political message, posted Feb.13 on website, pleads with members of the military not to act against the people.
      “We are your brothers and sisters. We think of you as our brothers,” the video says. “Open your arms and see how your people will embrace you. Your sisters are being raped to death. Your compatriots are being tortured and massacred. The nation’s honor is your honor. Our country’s riches are going to a select few. Whatever is left is going to Middle Eastern terrorists. We are both in one front. Let’s get our homeland back. Let’s share this victory together. Let us build an Iran that is free and proud. Let our children have hope for future. Let us have an Iran, which is powerful, reputable and wealthy. Let us have international respect once again. On Liberation day be on your people’s side. Let us rejoice this victory together.  Our rendezvous is on liberation day.”

Last year, the Washington Examiner obtained internal Iranian military documents stating that the military will defy the nation's Islamic rulers if ordered to use force against protesters.
Iranian military officials signed the document protesting force that was used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard during the June re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The petition, written in December, was titled, "Declaration of Support of the Iranian Army Leadership and Personnel in Support of the People."
According to news reports Monday, riot police have already been deployed to the streets.

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