Internet is growing this year 

Kieren McCarthy, the general manager of .nxt, speaks about the conference that will examine the new process ICANN is set to approve that will create an unlimited number of domain names. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency today and Thursday.
What will the conference address? Firstly, it will make people aware that there’s a massive change coming to the Internet this year. Anyone will be able to apply for any dot-com [suffix], such as .gay, .music and .eco. Secondly, we’ll be advising people in the industry on the best approaches to be taking.
How can you apply? ICANN, a nonprofit that oversees the domain-name system, have put together a guide book that takes you through the process.
What are the pros and cons? It will make the Internet more human. There will be a larger scope of names available and that means more competition and lower prices. The new system could obviously be dangerous if people don’t monitor it carefully, but there are lots of boundaries in place.

Who will benefit when this is approved? You and me. Anyone who uses the Internet.
When will it come into action? We’re not exactly sure, but sometime between March and June.

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