Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels for President? 

Last year for National Review, I wrote a lengthy piece profiling Mitch Daniels. The Republican governor of Indiana has quite a few policy and governing sucesses that led some to think he would make a pretty good Presidential candidate. However, Daniels was adamant that he was not running. Over at The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes reports that Daniels has changed his tune:

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has a few ideas – pretty good ones, actually – about how a Republican candidate should run a campaign for the presidency.   But guess what?  He says he doesn’t intend to run.  “I don’t plan to do it, don’t expect to do it, and I really don’t want to do it.” Daniels says.

Daniels, however, has dropped his Shermanesque stance of refusing to consider a presidential bid.  Instead, he told the Washington Post recently that he’s been persuaded to leave open the option of running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Daniels has two basic ideas for the next Republican presidential candidate.  One, the candidate should have a plan for solving the spending, deficit and debt crisis that has “intellectual credibility” and “holds water.” This mean the candidate would “campaign to govern, not merely to win” on what Daniels calls a “survival” issue for the country.

Read the rest. Suffice to say, Daniels is a likable guy with a proven ability to govern. The GOP could do a lot worse than run Daniels for President.

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