In Utah, DeMint becomes an issue 

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., head of the Senate Conservatives Fund, has backed Mike Lee in the Utah GOP Senate primary that is being held tomorrow to replace Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah. You will recall that the incumbent Bennett was bounced when he failed to finish in the top two at the state convention.

But one of Bennett’s former staffers, a lobbyist named Tim Stewart, is still at the heart of a major controversy in the runoff — a false-flag operation that occurred on the eve of the convention. Delegates received a mailer purportedly supporting Lee but in fact designed to make Lee look bad. The mailer used the image of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake, and insinuated that Bennett was a bad Mormon, in contrast with Lee. Lee’s supporters believe that the mailer,  sent by a shady, unregistered group, might have cost him support at convention, where he finished with 44 percent to Bridgewater’s 57 percent.

Tomorrow’s primary is still on because no one got 60 percent at convention. But the dirty mailers continue, and the new one has DeMint hopping mad, because it makes him the issue:

DeMint highlights the mailer in today’s fundraising pitch:

Last night, I learned that Mike Lee’s opponent — Tim Bridgewater — sent out a last-minute mailer telling Utah Republicans that I am supporting Mike Lee so nuclear waste can be transferred from my home state of South Carolina to Utah…

This accusation is a disgraceful LIE from a desperate candidate. My involvement in the Utah Senate race has been to provide positive support to Mike Lee, a man with the character and integrity we desperately need in the U.S. Senate. Mr. Bridgewater’s malicious and dishonest attacks on me and the state of South Carolina only confirm he would fit in all too well with the Washington establishment….

[Bridgewater has] been telling voters that he’s a businessman but as someone who ran a small business for over twenty years, I can tell you that gaming government programs does not make you a businessman. It makes you a lobbyist.

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