In D.C., you can tax our bags, but don’t tax our yoga. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find many Republicans or conservatives in my part of Washington, D.C. But our neighborhood ListServ today features this warning from a local yogi. This small business owner complains that the money-hungry D.C. Council is about to vote on taxing yoga lessons:

This Friday May 7th the DC Council will vote whether to tax yoga classes and health club services. As a general rule services are exempt from tax in the District of Columbia. For example, when you go to your attorney you do not pay tax on their services.

But they want to tax yoga.

Instead of promoting healthy activities that actually lower the burden of other services like medical and police by bringing calm and health to peoples’ lives,  they want to make it more expensive.
As a small business owner paying big city rents I can say that it is already hard enough to make ends meet providing yoga classes – and for the consumer they are already expensive enough!

My experience with yogis is that they are not generally rich women who do lunch – they are students, folks who work in the non-profit sector or artists, folks that work hard and just have enough if they are lucky to pay for that one two week vacation a year  – yes some folks are wealthy but this is not the majority…

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