If you were at the Cinncinnati Tea Party rally today ...UPDATED 

Tax Day Tea Party rallies were held all over the country today, and it would be impossible to chronicle all of them in one blog post. But leave it to Examiner Contributor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and University of Tennessee Law School fame to be right in the middle of the action.

Glenn covered the Cinncinnati Tea Party Rally held in the University of Cinncinnati Bearcats' Armory Fieldhouse for Pajamas TV and posted some great photos on Instapundit, including these of one of the speakers, Sonja Schmidt, who got a standing ovation when she predicted President Obama will be a one-term president.


This shot was taken by Shannon Hartkemeyer a few minutes earlier in Schmidt's speech before her remark about Obama. Next is a shot sent to Glenn by Jennifer Clippard via cellphone:

And if you wonder about the crowd's reaction to Schmidt's one-term prediction, check it out in the next shot, also sent by Clippard via cellphone and posted on Instapundit:

If you attended a Tea Party rally today and have some interesting digital shots that you would like to share with other Examiner readers, please email them to mark.tapscott@gmail.com and we will see about posting them here.

And check out Instapundit where Glenn has been posting links and photos from many of the Tea Party events around the country. I think my favorite Tea Party photo of the day also happens to be from the Cincy event. I love the sign held by one of the three women in the shot at this link.  It says "This old hippy ain't happy."

Believe me, it's not the the class of the grass that's got her buzzed! After that shot, then, as Glenn often says, just keep scrolling for additional photos and links.

Meanwhile, my Examiner colleague J.P. Freire took a bunch of shots at the various Tea Party events here in the nation's capital today and is posting some of them, beginning here.

UPDATED: Tea Party responds to Hannity questions

A flap has emerged concerning the Cincinnati Tea Party following the last minute cancellation of a book-signing event with Fox News' Sean Hannity. For the official reponse of the Cincinnati Tea Party, go here. I would say this looks like a tempest in a tea pot, but that would probably be pouring cold water in the kettle.  

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