If Obama thinks this will stop the nuts, he's sadly wrong 

For most Americans -- even those who have perhaps had a brief fling with birther-ism -- Obama's release of his birth certificate will settle the issue. But that won't do it for some people, the hard-core. If you think that the release of Obama's birth certificate is going to stop the kookery, you are already being proven wrong.

How about this:

Even if Obama was born in Hawaii, as he claims, there are still numerous issues regarding his eligibility that need to be resolved. Did he have birth citizenship in Great Britain through his father? Is the child of a non-citizen a "NATURAL BORN" citizen, or not? Did Obama have Indonesian citizenship through his adoption by Lolo Soetoro? What kind of a passport did Obama use to enter Pakistan in 1981?

And this:

Look, first of all, it has never been about the birth certificate.  Let me repeat that for those of you who are just catching up: It’s NEVER been about the birth certificate.  Even though the media and Trump have stayed focused on that, it’s nothing more than a sideshow.  A diversion from the real issue.


It is about the constitution, and the fact that under the Constitution, Obama is not a natural born citizen.  He cannot be, because his father was Kenyan and a British subject.


And this:

So, we all have seen a copy of Obama's long form birth certificate. Or haven't we? This is a copy of a 1961 Hawaii's birth certificate. Very similar to the one released by the WH, right? Wrong! Look at the document released by the WH. Where is the embossed seal of the State of Hawaii? Where are the signatures of the director of health and the registrar general from 1961? Why don't they show in the so-called copy?

And perhaps most depressing of all, we can expect to hear more of the argument in this video, which parses out the alleged difference between "native born" and "natural born":

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