How many endorsements will Crist lose today? UPDATE: Will he lose McConnell too? 

The office of Senator Jon Kyl, R-Nev., just confirmed to the examiner that Kyl’s previous endorsement of Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s senate bid — still prominently featured of Crist’s website — no longer holds. Kyl will be issuing a statement later in the day.

Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., has also confirmed that to the Examiner that he will be issuing a statement about his Crist endorsement later today — contingent on whether Crist decides to leave the GOP and run for Senate as an independent, as has been widely reported.

UPDATE — Will Crist lose the endorsement of Senator McConnell too? It looks like he will, if he decides to run as an independent. Here’s a transcript of of the Republican Senate Minority Leader on Chris Wallace’s Fox program from Sunday:

WALLACE: finally, i want to ask about florida politics, which everyone seems to be getting swept into these days. several top republicans, including mitt romney and dick cheney this week endorse endorsed the former house speaker marco rubio in the battle for the senate g.o.p. primary in florida. you have endorsed governor charlie crist. are you taking back your endorsement?

SEN. MCCONNELL: that was over a year ago and a lot has happened since then. the governor crist says he might be running as an independent. my advice is to compete as a republican. he has been a republican all of his life. and to remain within the party. i hope he will do that.

WALLACE: are you taking back your endorsement?

SEN. MCCONNELL: not today. [ laughter ]

WALLACE: but he has to decide by next friday, right?

SEN. MCCONNELL: i think if the governor were to decide to run as an independent, he won’t have any republican support.

WALLACE: if he decided to run as a republican, would you still support him?

SEN. MCCONNELL: i year ago i said i would support the governor. at the time he wanted our support to get in the race and we were not sure we’d be competitive in florida.

WALLACE: are you troubled by what he has done?

SEN. MCCONNELL: i would be troubled if the governor decided to run as an independent. i think that would be a serious problem. and he would certainly not have any support or any republicans that i know.

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