How Delphi's non-union pensioners got screwed 

This afternoon's hearing before a House Oversight subcommittee focused on the bailout of General Motors, and on how the Obama administration's bailout of the company permitted it to "top off" union retirees of former subsidiary Delphi, whilst leaving its non-union retirees out in the cold. The episode is a great example of the gangster government that my colleague Michael Barone has referenced so many times -- of an administration whose entire operation is geared toward helping friends and punishing enemies.

The treatment of the non-union Delphi retirees is not a new story, but there is new information in the form of emails indicating a deeper level of Obama administration involvement than previously known.

This should come as no surprise, but it's worth telling the true story to the thousands of non-union Delphi retirees in states like Ohio.  They have been cheated out of their pensions because union greed and accommodating management brought down the American automakers, and then they had to suffer the indignity of bailing out only their union colleagues because the Obama administration allowed and facilitated it.

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