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If you have been dispirited by the Obama administration’s response to what has been going on in Libya and are curious about how a strong leader might respond, you should read Prime Minister David Cameron’s report yesterday to the House of Commons. On the Weekly Standard website  Jamie Fly calls it “rather Churchillian.”


I would say more than rather, as in the following words:


“Indeed Britain has taken on a leading role in coordinating the international evacuation effort. Our AWACS aircraft are directing international aircraft involved. And Brigadier Bashall, who is commanding the operation, has established a temporary joint headquarters in Malta. 

“I have thanked the Maltese Prime Minister personally on behalf of the country. Not for the first time in our history Mr. Speaker, we must pay tribute to Malta and her people.”

Of course here he is referring to the bravery of the Maltese people and the British garrison there which in World War II held out for months under heavy Italian and German bombing and, in a Mediterranean with Axis forces on all sides, never surrendered.

Cameron’s final paragraphs are worth quoting also:


“What is happening in the wider Middle East is one of those once in a generation opportunities, a moment when history turns a page. That next page is not yet written. It falls to all of us to seize this chance to fashion a better future for this region, to build a better relationship between our peoples, to make a new start.  

“As the inspiring Opposition leaders I met in Tahrir Square said to me last week: We now have the opportunity of achieving freedoms that you in Britain take for granted. I am determined that Britain will not let them down. And I commend this statement to the House.”

It should be commended to the White House as well.



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