House GOPers losing patience with Obama stall on Solyndra loan guarantee documents 

A House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee months ago asked President Obama's Office of Management and Budget for documents concerning a $335 million federal loan guarantee given to a politically correct clean energy firm. Some of the documents were provided, but many more have been withheld without explanation.

Making matters worse, Jack Lew, Obama's OMB Director, failed to clear the way for the key official within his agency on the loan guarantee - OMB deputy director Jeffrey Zients - to testify before the subcommittee to explain why the documents had not been provided. So committee leaders are now preparing to consider issuing a subpoena.

“After two years of zero oversight of the Obama clean energy programs, our investigation has been an exercise in good government to ensure that billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent wisely," said committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton, R-MI.

"Yet OMB has sought to delay and put off this investigation at every step of the way. Subpoenas would not be necessary if OMB had lived up to its agreement and produced the documents as requested," Upton said.

“In the 120 days since our formal request to OMB for documents, the administration has repeatedly rebuffed this committee’s efforts to get answers about how this program worked - promises to produce documents have been broken, documents continue to be withheld, and the Deputy Director was a no show at our hearing," Upton said.

"We now have no choice but to pursue a subpoena so that we can move forward with our investigation and ensure the public’s best interests are protected. No administration is exempt from thoughtful and diligent oversight and it is not for OMB to dictate the terms of the investigation and what documents this committee can see. The legislative branch has broad constitutional authority to conduct oversight of the executive branch, and we fully intend to meet this obligation.”

For more information on the committee's efforts to conduct oversight on the Solyndra loan guarantees, go here.

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