Homocon 2010: What is the point? 

The right leaning, gay political action group, GOProud have launched their first annual meeting called Homocon 2010. Right Wing News is among many more conservative blogs and websites to sponsor the event, which features a striking poster and Ann Coulter as a keynote speaker.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News announced the event this way:

...when GOProud split off from the Log Cabin Republicans because they wanted to create a genuinely conservative group for gay Republicans, I thought it was an extremely positive development. That doesn't mean I agree with GOProud on every issue, but as Ronald Reagan said, "My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy."

GOProud chairman Christopher Barron put his position on the organization this way in an interview with Hawkins:

When you look at our legislative agenda and the issues that we're working on, we think the question of "gay rights" has been narrowly defined by the left. We think that if you want to improve the lives of every day gay and lesbian folks all across this country, you can do things like reform our tax code and provide for personal savings accounts in social security, free market health care reform, the type of stuff that's going to improve the lives of every American in this country.

Many right-leaning sites and commenters are very supportive of this and are glad to see the event happen, which is a source of no small consternation to many on the left, who consider gays who support Coulter to be betraying the cause and self destructive.

The thing is, not very many on the right are bringing up a basic, critical issue here. If this is truly about conservatism and the concepts of the right politically, how does a special interest identity group splitting off with a special name and gathering fit in with conservative ideology?

One of the most basic principles of conservatism as opposed to the modern left is that we treat everyone as Americans in America, not as any form of hyphenated-American. Conservatives shouldn’t care what color you are, how tall you are, if you're male or female, they don't care if you are left handed or ambidextrous, it simply doesn't matter. The basic ideas of conservatism such as limited government, individual responsibility, love of liberty, suspicion of government power, free market capitalism, and equal justice all apply to anyone regardless of what niche identity group the left might try to slip them into. It is a typical stunt of the left to try to split everyone up into warring factions so that they can gain power through pandering to each separately.

Having a Homocon for gay conservatives is a slouch toward this identity group-politics, where we focus on the ideas and interests of each specific specially split off group, as if you can really take human beings and jam them into little boxes of like-minded and like-cultured people. (I do not believe in this.) A group having its own organization defined by a private identity factor, such as homosexuality seems to violate this basic principle of conservatism, no matter how welcome those individuals are to the ideological camp.

Homocon might be in fact fun and it is always entertaining to put a thumb in the eye of the left and their neatly arraigned identity politics boxes. But in the long run, does this really serve the conservative cause to be supportive of any form of ‘conservative identity politics,’ or is this specific one being celebrated primarily out of a need to be politically correct and in hopes it will may aid Republicans winning in November?

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