Homeless takeover has ruined Main Library 

My wife and I are seniors with disabilities living on Social Security, and we once enjoyed visiting The City’s Main Library on Larkin Street. Now that is no longer possible because of the library’s takeover by homeless loiterers.

The two comfortable chairs in the main lobby where I could sit while my wife selected her books have been removed. Now I and other seniors must stand or sit on the steps or floor.

On the second floor, there are two benches that cannot be utilized because the homeless are usually camped out with their junk spread out over the whole bench.

My wife took our 4-year-old grandson into the ladies restroom, where he got a real education. A woman was naked from the waist up bathing at one of the sinks.

Where are the library’s security guards and what do they do to address these issues? From what I can see, it’s absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, those of us who actually pay taxes and contribute to society cannot enjoy our library’s comforts and amenities.

Jack C. Della Santa
San Francisco

Social Security future hazy

What’s not to love about Social Security? I could certainly love paying $66,559 into Social Security while currently being eligible to receive a 23-year payout of $393,024, not counting cost-of-living allowance based on future inflation. Do our contributions really earn the difference as interest?

Of course, there is some question whether the grandkids will love living an Orwellian nightmare of banners and barter, of worthless employment, dreary sameness and Uzi-packing enforcement bureaucratic edict.

Paul Burton
San Francisco

Politics was always dirty

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) says Republicans are Nazis. Bloggers blame Sarah Palin for the Tucson massacre. Is this behavior despicable? Yes. Is it new? No. It has been going on in politics as far back as the Greeks and Romans.

Horrible things were said about most of our presidents going back to George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. Politics is a rough-and-tumble business. Low blows are common.

The argument now being made is that people are not smart enough to figure out what the facts are.

I reject that argument. The insidious alternative to free speech is censorship.

Keith C. De Filippis
San Jose

Socialism is magic!

Vote for socialism and poof! Like magic everything becomes free. College is free, health care, welfare, maybe even a vacation. And what’s wrong with quotas? Nancy Pelosi and Chris Daly like quotas. Quotas are good for America. How could we have been such fools for so long?

Phil Melnick
San Francisco

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