Hit up the party zone to help autism research 

Barbara Marquez, the supervisor of Pump It Up San Francisco, invites families with autistic children to come to the inflatable party zone for free from 3 to 5 p.m. Thursday at its 201 Mendell St. location. People also can jump from 6 to 9 p.m. the same day for a recommended donation of $10. All donations will benefit the Autism Speaks Foundation.

Why is Pump It Up collaborating with Autism Speaks? Pump It Up provides a great environment for autistic children. They can work on their social and motor skills in a nonthreatening, safe environment, and can play with friends and family while being stimulated. We have an ideal space for children with this disorder. For now, it will be once a year, but depending on how well it goes, it could turn into something more frequent.

Where will the money go? People can write in their names with their donations and the money will further the research in the autism spectrum. We’re trying to create awareness. Autism affects one in 110 children, with it four times more likely in boys than girls. We’re making the public aware and making sure people affected have a safety net and a community they can relate to.

Are you excited about the upcoming event? Yes, I’m really excited. I have family members with children with this disorder. I think it’s great that people can come and support and want to further the research.

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