Hillary Clinton’s visit snarled traffic on Bay Area freeway 

Not long ago at lunchtime I drove onto Interstate 280 southbound near AT&T Park. The road was practically empty all the way to the airport. But at every onramp there was a CHP car or motorcycle holding back hundreds of cars from entering the “free” way.

I found out later Hillary Clinton had been in town, and she and her escorted caravan drove down to San Francisco International Airport just ahead of me.

Thousands of people were delayed for 30 minutes or more while the secretary of state was whisked to her waiting government jetliner after speaking to an audience about women’s issues.

When did we start treating public servants like royalty? And when will we stop?

Cary Fulbright, San Francisco

Don’t blame tea party

How anybody can rationally blame the tea party for our present financial crisis boggles the mind.

The whole goal of the tea party is to reduce spending and monitor the size and power of the federal government. During the last debt crisis deadline, the Republican tea party Congress members were the only ones producing a bill that reduced our national debt by $4 trillion, as requested by Standard & Poor’s.

fter it was passed in the house, the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to even debate the bill, and it never even was discussed or voted upon. Since we did not pass a bill that sufficiently reduced the deficit as requested, Standard & Poor’s reduced our credit for the first time in history.

Nancy Deussen, Mountain View

Ask pension questions

Here’s a question to ask San Francisco mayoral candidates who presently hold city or state elective office: “Considering that you sought the elected office you hold and did not take a civil service test, would you be willing to give up your city or state pension that you did not fund?”

Denise D’Anne, San Francisco

SFMTA to blame for jams

The Department of Parking and Traffic has been absorbed by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for several years now. So that means the reason Muni buses are stopped by every single red light on their routes for the entire duration of the red light must be that the SFMTA wants it that way.

They have control over the entire traffic process, and look what they did with it.

The City deserves something better than the abject failure the SFMTA is.

Darge Arnan, San Francisco

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