Hillary and Obama sittin' in a tree... 

Courtesy the New York Times, I'm just going to go out on a limb and say the front page story about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, "After a Bitter Campaign, Forging an Alliance," is the most egregious spin you'll read all day. (Though it is still relatively early!) Anyway, the story begins with an anecdote to show how close Hillary and Obama have become:

On a snowy Thursday shortly before her weekly meeting with President Obama last month, Hillary Rodham Clinton got a distressing phone call: her husband, Bill Clinton, was in a hospital with chest pains and needed an urgent heart procedure.

Mrs. Clinton kept her appointment with Mr. Obama in the Oval Office, taking her customary seat on the yellow sofa as the two talked about her coming trip to the Persian Gulf, where she planned to turn up the heat on Iran over its nuclear program.

“No one had any idea” that she might have had a personal worry, said a senior White House official who was present. Afterward, Mrs. Clinton raced for a shuttle flight to New York to see her husband.

Now I don't want to publicly speculate about the strength of Hillary's marriage, but then again, I never wanted to know the biological details of what her husband was doing with women who were not his wife. That said, does this really tell us something about Hillary and Obama -- or is this more revealing about the status of Hillary and Bill's marriage, which is wracked with adultery, and now finds them living in different cities. I don't care if my next meeting is with a ressurected Abraham Lincoln, if I find out my wife's in the hospital with a life threatening emergency that's where I'm headed.

In any event, it also strikes me that Hillary has kept her head down. The administration hasn't exactly elevated her profile. The Obama administration is guilty of a lot of foreign policy bungling, e.g. U.S.'s spat with Israel, the Obama administration's bizarre intervention in Honduras, the strange decision to hang the U.K. out to dry in a  dispute over the Falklands. To be sure she has been involved in these things intimately, but her role in these disasters hasn't garnered a lot of headlines back home.

Also, remember this story last year?:

Hillary Clinton says running for office isn't on her "radar," but she still has an eight-person political team and sports two overflowing campaign war chests.

If Obama's stature continues to erode, look for Secretary of State John Kerry by the end of Obama's first term while Hillary mounts her primary challenge.

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