Hayek isengaged, expecting a baby 

If the name François-Henri Pinault doesn’t ring a bell, you may be forgiven. Actress and "Ugly Betty" producer Salma Hayek has kept her romance with the French businessman way, way under the radar.

But now two happy announcements have prompted them to come out as a couple: They’re engaged — and yes, that was a baby bump you saw the typically tiny-waisted Salma sporting in recent photos.

"Businessman François-Henri Pinault, and his fiancée, Salma Hayek, are happy to announce they are expecting the arrival of their first child," Salma’s rep said in a Friday statement.

So who’s this François-Henri fellow who took one of the A-list’s most desirable hotties off the market? He’s the CEO of PPR, the parent corporation of Gucci, Yves St. Laurent and other fashion lines. And, oh yeah, his family is worth more than $7 billion, reports People.

Bajillionaire or not, we say any Hollywood romance this low-profile must be the real deal. Congratulations to the happy couple on all their joyous news!

Madonna: Silent Treatment

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images) Madonna will be getting some bad ink from her ex-nanny, who saw the material girl as just a tad too demanding.

Brace yourself for this shocking news: Madonna is a control freak.

OK, so maybe that’s not such a startling revelation for anyone familiar with the perfectionist pop diva. But now a former nanny is dishing on her alleged my-way-or-the-highway ways in a new tell-all.

In her forthcoming book "Live to Tell: My Life as Madonna’s Nanny," the New York Post reports, Melissa Dumas portrays our Madge as an iron-fisted household ruler who forbids TV, magazines and newspapers in her homeand insisted the nanny hew to her personal nutritional regimen.

According to Melissa, who worked in-house for the Material Mom from 2005 to 2006, Madonna was adamant that no one make noise while she slept, "not even running water for showers."

The book, to be ghostwritten, is reportedly due in September. Somehow, we think Madonna’s career will survive.

Queen Mother

(Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images) Latifah is about to become a foster parent in her native New Jersey.

Queen Latifah has been open about her desire to adopt several children. Now she’s taking the first step: becoming a foster parent. The rapper-actress is applying in New Jersey, according to USA Today.

"I’m not in it for the glamour. It’s a gift," Latifah tells the paper. "That’s why I didn’t take it quite so lightly, having a baby at any given time, because having a child is something you give.

"I just wanted to be mature enough to handle it. I am at this point, and I’m just looking for the right time."

When she does adopt, she says it will be an American child, rather than an international adoption a la Angelina Jolie: "I want to do something here." Needy kids at home, she points out, "can use just as much assistance as someone from around the world."

It’s Miller Time

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Calvin Klein) Sienna Miller has mastered the art of pest control.

Sienna Miller was not pleased when an aspiring paparazzo tailed her at a NYC nightclub — and she took matters into her own hands, according to a report in the New York Post.

Thursday, the "Factory Girl" starlet hit the Plumm to see her new beau, model-musician Jamie Burke, play a set. When a clubgoer began snapping digital pix of her as she partied, she reportedly went ballistic.

"Sienna got in the guy’s face, and yelled, ‘Stop! Get him away!’ and asked security to kick the guy taking photos out of the club," an eyewitness told the paper.

But the picture-taking pest wouldn’t leave: "He was following Sienna around until 2:30 in the morning, and she just had enough."

According to the paper’s sources, Sienna ended up turning the tables on the invasive dude. She allegedly "chased [him] toward the exit, searched him and grabbed his camera" — then deleted the photos as security held him back.

The cameraman was finally booted from the club, but Sienna and her dude stayed on to party until 5 a.m. Lesson: Don’t mess with Miss Miller!

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