Having wardrobe issues? Look to Closet Audit 

Corinne Phipps, the CEO ofwardrobe styling agency Urban Darling, is excited about the upcoming launch of ClosetAudit.com, its online sister company. Closet Audit will allow people to upload videos and pictures of their wardrobe woes and get virtual video feedback and solutions from top stylists. It is launching March 22 with the Closet Audit Challenge.

How do people benefit from Urban Darling? People who are frustrated and bored with their clothes end up getting a sense of peace and calm in relation to their closet. They get one-on-one consultations with young vibrant stylists who will firstly “shop their closet” and help pair clothes, shoes and accessories, thus creating a library of their pieces and giving them direction.

How will the Closet Audit challenge work? The challenge is for everyone over 18, not only the 20-year-old, but also the working man and woman. People can submit a short video [by March 9] to submit@urbandarling.com in relation to aspects of their wardrobe that they don’t like. The first 20 featured will win a free goodie bag including top-of-the-line products worth a few hundred dollars. Each week, two to three of these videos will be posted with three stylists’ solutions per video. Ultimately they’ll be getting free wardrobe advice.

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