Hate crimes do not belong in San Francisco 

San Francisco transgender community reports uptick in targeted violence,” Law & Disorder, March 28

Hate crimes do not belong in our city

Transgender people have long suffered discrimination and violence due to who they are, and this is troubling to all of us in the LGBT community. Hate-motivated crimes against transgender people have no place in our city.

Police must do more to ensure that the criminals who committed these violent acts in the Mission are brought to justice. Our city has a reputation for being accepting of all people, and, to paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr., “An act of violence against one of us is an act of violence against all of us.”

Supervisor David Campos, police and community groups must find ways to respond to transphobic violence, whether physical or verbal, in our city.  Violence against transgender people is tragic for those involved and is a disgrace to our long history of LGBT acceptance.

James Patterson
San Francisco

Self-defense is key

My transgender brothers, sisters and others, you must take self-defense training and begin to defend yourselves. The only way to stop these attacks is to defend yourselves or escape and report them so that they are publicized.

Your perceived — and apparent, in too many cases — vulnerability is a primary reason these bigots attack.

James Lovette-Black
San Francisco

Fight over water bottles in federal parks comes to San Francisco,” Local News, Wednesday

Ditch the plastic bottles

This is an important issue that many of us face today. Major corporations such as Coke and Nestle are privatizing water by undermining the public’s faith in tap water.

Plastic is such a waste to use for just a small drink, and then it’s just thrown away. I mean, look at the Pacific Ocean garbage patch! It’s terrible.

Jessica Chang
San Francisco

San Francisco transit agency vows to revise Polk Street plan following heated community meeting,” Local News, March 21

Roads should serve all

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, with the support of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, is trying to drive a wedge between bicyclists and drivers.

While there are some bicyclists who disdain drivers, and vice versa, I think the majority want a harmonious relationship, and a good number use both means of transportation.

If the agency doesn’t consider the needs of drivers, it will see more pushback like on Polk Street.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

Crisis in Cyprus

Financial fears growing

Legalized theft. In the dark of night, the Cyprus government seized 40 percent of bank deposits over 100,000 euros. Raiding the depositors’ money in Cyprus worked so well that now Italy and Spain are targeted.

The European Union pressured Cyprus to take its citizens’ money to secure a failing economy. A precedent has been set. The U.S. is rapidly approaching $20 trillion in debt. What is to stop the World Bank from making the same demands on us?

Keith C. De Filippis
San Jose

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