Harding death report doesn’t hold water 

I take exception to reports describing Kenneth Harding lying dead on the Bayview sidewalk. I have reviewed at least five videos which document him laying face down in a pool of blood and arching his neck in an attempt to breathe.

San Francisco police officers are trained in CPR, emergency airway management and first aid. A simple and humane maneuver might have been to simply roll him over on his back and apply a compression dressing to the wound in his neck.

Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, M.D.
San Francisco

SFO profiling is OK

Considering the alternatives, I have no problem with the SFO airline profiling case complained about in a Sunday letter.

Profiling is merely seeking persons who would fit the general description of a suspect. If someone is not engaged in illegal endeavors, there should be only cooperation and a request for an apology, if apologies become needed afterward.

William J. Coburn
San Francisco

Drivers out of control

More than ever, San Francisco drivers are speeding and emboldened to endanger pedestrians by running red lights and blocking crosswalks in SoMa. Just take a speed gun out to Folsom, Harrison, Bryant or the Embarcadero in the evening.

The lack of serious enforcement for our traffic laws leads to two or three pedestrian injuries or deaths on average every day in The City.

The only thing drivers have learned is that speed limits in San Francisco can be treated like suggestions, with few consequences for ignoring them.

James Whitaker
San Francisco

A refreshing spot of tea

The tea party candidates won a landslide victory in November 2010. They went to Washington and were ridiculed by both parties. The old established Democrats and Republicans alike considered them a fluke.

All the talking heads marveled that this collection of “extremists” had actually made it this far. All of the insider Republicans and Democrats alike assumed that they would fall in line as did the Gingrich revolution.

But for some reason, the maligned tea party freshmen in Congress did not cave. They actually did what they said they would. They don’t appear to care about committee appointments or re-election. They actually were committed to lowering the national debt. How refreshing.

Keith C. De Filippis
San Jose

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