Handicap placard abuse plagues city’s streets 

San Francisco handicap placard abuse is rampant and has been since 1996. The current law is unenforceable, and catching these offenders is based on good timing and some luck.

California writes these laws, cities implement them and our Municipal Transportation Agency enforces parking — except when it comes to placards. In the meantime, Valencia Street has as many as 40 placarded cars parked at meters all day. Parking enforcement bypasses these same cars up to six times daily without a thought. The Glen Park BART station area has as many as 25 placarded cars each weekday at meters and nearby neighborhood permit areas.

If the placard privilege were modified to allow only two hours on free meter, this would eliminate 70 percent of the problem, redeploy 30 street officers and compel SFMTA to enforce all city parking again. This is just common-sense fiscal economics.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

Who’s the tyrant?

A Wednesday op-ed by William Marra called the Wisconsin Democrats’ exodus to avoid quorum an abuse of the democratic process and “tyranny of the minority.”

But here in California, a two-thirds vote is required for raising taxes and to change Proposition 13 (which passed with a simple majority). Isn’t the Republican blockade of such measures no less a “tyranny of the minority” and abuse of democratic process?

David Tornheim, San Francisco

Back to geography class

Regarding Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s much-derided comment that Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez is the most violent city in America: Ciudad Juarez is in the continent of North America, even though it is not part of the United States. So Perry’s statement actually could be considered geographically correct.

North America’s boundaries do extend beyond the United States.

Martin Shields, San Francisco

Pirates not fun and games

Memo to President Barack Obama, the U.N. and free-world nations: Stoptreating Somali pirates as if they fight with swords and wear three-pointed hats with patches over one eye and “Seinfeld puffy shirts.”

These are murderous rogues who kill without remorse. It’s time to form a Special Ops crew like the Navy Seals to go seek out and destroy them.

In other words, blow them out of the water. Simple enough? Then do it!

Herb Stark, Massapequa, N.Y.

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