Grower's Secret's Chris Churchill on the importance of organic farming 

Churchill is the senior vice president of product development at Grower’s Secret, a San Francisco-based company that promotes organic farming and sustainablity.

How easy is it to start growing organically? It’s very easy to start, as nature takes care of it for us. Our organic products heal the soil and reverse the effects that synthetic fertilizers have on soil.

Why is it better to go organic? It’s better for the soil itself. We say, “Don’t treat your soil like dirt.” When using synthetic fertilizers, you are feeding the plant but killing the soil. The microbes and micronutrients get killed and they contribute to what the plant needs. Organic products promote the natural cycle of locking nutrients into the soil.

What are your products? Grower’s Secret Pro is an organically certified growth energizer, which works best for commercial farmers. We created the Grow Big 521 product for consumers. It is more palatable with a lavender scent. It is American-made and the fish emulsion is from Eureka, which is a first.

Why is organic growing and eating becoming so popular? People are becoming more concerned with their health and the harm chemicals can do. Nonorganic fertilizers can pollute the water, so people want to help clean up the environment

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