Gregory Kane: The most racist comment in America today 

I heard it again just last week.

That would be the most racist remark being uttered in America these days. And it didn't come from right-wingers, conservatives, conservative bloggers, Republicans or members of the Tea Party movement.

No, this distinctly racist remark, whenever I've heard it, has come from liberals and others on the left. It's a remark about black Americans, and the ones saying it the most are. ...

Black Americans.

The situation was this: I was having dinner in a restaurant with a friend, who said that she saw a group of Latino laborers in one place. There was nary a black face among them.

She and I both wondered if situations such as these contributed to the high unemployment rate that liberal blacks are constantly complaining about. Then she told me the clincher.

Her mother made the comment that there were no blacks among those Latino workers because black Americans didn't want those jobs.

Isn't that a rehash of the old standard racist comment that all blacks are lazy? That's not a rhetorical question, and I'll answer it for you: Of course it is.

It's a classic racist comment, no matter who makes it, and it's one you'll never hear from Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity or Andrew Breitbart, the typical conservative bad guys liberals usually target for making "racist" comments.

There are black Americans -- and I'm talking liberal black Democrats here -- who passionately cling to this nonsense. For them, there are absolutely no blacks interested in landscaping, construction work, housekeeping, janitorial work or jobs rehabbing or rebuilding houses.

All those jobs -- as well as migrant farm labor -- are the ones that illegal immigrants will do, but black Americans won't.

The way this fable began is that illegal immigrants will do work Americans won't do, as if that somehow justifies illegal immigration. But it's black Americans, with our own creative flair, who've decided to amend it: Illegal immigrants do work black Americans won't do. But a lie is a lie, and a racist comment is a racist comment, no matter who says it.

If I believed this nonsense, my back yard would still be covered in grass with two old, dead, useless tree stumps. My roof would still leak.

But when I looked for someone to give me a new roof and remove those stumps, pave over my back yard with concrete so I could park there and not on the street, I didn't go to the people who do the jobs "black Americans won't do."

I managed to find -- lo and behold! -- a real, bona fide black American to do the work. He calls himself Brother Troy. I picked him after I'd had a bad experience with a couple of contracting companies -- long story short: They stiffed me -- and because he was a devout Christian. I figured there was no way a devout Christian would stiff me, and I was right.

Pretty soon I had a new roof. The two tree stumps in the back yard are gone; a concrete parking pad replaced the lawn. When one of my aging water pipes sprung a leak and needed repair, Brother Troy took care of that too. Most of the work he did himself, but when he needed help he used other young black men from the neighborhood so that the money they made turned over several times in the community.

Brother Troy and his workers did everything illegal immigrant laborers would have done and did it just as well or better. So much for black Americans "not doing the work illegal immigrants will do."

Examiner Columnist Gregory Kane is a Pulitzer-nominated news and opinion journalist who has covered people and politics from Baltimore to the Sudan.

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Examiner columnist Gregory Kane is an award-winning journalist who lives in Baltimore.

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