Greenpeace reams Kerry-Boxer: ‘polluter lobbyists have succeeded in hijacking this climate policy’ 

Climate-change legislation has much less to do with stopping the rise of the seas than with protecting an enriching the special interests. I’ve covered the schemes of climate bandits Alcoa, Monsanto, AES, General Electric, Rio Tinto, Nike, AEP, and others — how climate legislation will enrich them while hurting consumers, small businesses, taxpayers, and often the environment.

Greenpeace agrees with me, at least in part, on the Kerry-Boxer climate-change bill. From their latest press release:

Although we appreciate the Senate’s efforts to reduce global warming pollution, it’s clear that polluter lobbyists have succeeded in hijacking this climate policy initiative and undermined the ambitious action necessary.

Among Greenpeace’s objections is

Money for Dirty technology: The bill is expected to include financial incentives for, among other things, nuclear power, offshore oil and gas drilling, and coal fired energy.  This includes billions for “clean coal” technology development, as well as free permits for heavy emitters like manufacturers, oil refiners, and merchant coal generators.

Progressive ideas turning into corporate welfare monstrosities is the pattern of the Obama administration — not because Obama’s a corporatist, but because the special interests always have their hands on the lever of power. The perverse consequence is that every time progressives try to curb the abuses and excesses by Big Business (and often I agree with the Left on these abuses), they give Big Business more power.

Recall, Greenpeace also came out against the House version.

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