Grant helps bring back jobs program for youths 

Director Michelle Cusano of the Richmond Village Beacon, a community center serving youths and adults in the Richmond district, is relaunching the Youth Employment Program.

What happened to the program?
We had all these budget cuts, so I cut it in July. And then we had written the grant to [AT&T] probably about the same time and found out a few months later that we got the grant. We realized it is such a high need.

How many jobs did the grant save?
Eight in the spring and eight in the summer.

What kinds of classes do program participants take?
Public speaking, first day of CPR, we do a lot of college prep work too. They also do a lot of group work where they’ll have to do role-playing.

What’s part of their job description?
They’re working in the food pantry in one of the programs. They also help out in an art class for seniors and all around the office.

How many people usually apply? Usually about 30. They turn in an application and then they have to interview.

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