GQ recognizes SF man's effort to change world 

San Francisco resident Kiff Gallagher is one of five finalists in GQ’s 2010 Better Men Better World Search for men who dedicate their time and energy to improving society. He founded Music National Service, a nonprofit committed to empowering youths in high-need communities by providing them with music-driven services and education.

Did you ever think you’d be in GQ? Absolutely not.

Who’s the first person you’re going to call if you win? Probably my mom. She lives in New Hampshire.

Why did you start the nonprofit? There was a big movement supported by [President Barack] Obama and [Sen. John] McCain to expand health care and green efforts, but music programs in schools were being cut simultaneously.

Why did you want to use music? It sort of starts with the premise that music is underutilized.

What do you play? Piano and keyboard.

Did you imagine it being this popular? No. I mean, you really have to go community by community and it’s going to continue to take time. It’s sort of both a no-brainer and an idea that hasn’t really manifested yet.

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