Gov. Pawlenty: GOP deserved to lose in '06 and '08 

Tim Pawlenty, the Republican Governor of Minnesota and rumored presidential candidate, unloads on his party in an upcoming article for Esquire, according to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post:

"The marketplace measurement in politics is something called an election," said Pawlenty in a lengthy interview appearing in the magazine's March issue. "And in 2006 and 2008, the marketplace was telling the Republicans 'We prefer the products and services of your competitors.'"

Pawlenty, who is retiring this fall after his second term as governor of Minnesota to explore a run for president, ascribed the electoral defeats of Republicans in recent elections to "a whole bunch of corruption and personal scandals that weren't compatible with the principles it claimed to stand for."

There are those who value party loyalty to the point that they disdain such remarks, but I imagine a lot of independents and Republicans welcome this blunt truth telling by Pawlenty.

In other Pawlenty news, here's yet another sign the Governor is planning on jumping in the Presidential race, via T-Paw's own Facebook page:

The Manchester Republican Committee invited me to keynote their Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner on March 25. I’m glad to do it -- it’s a great event that will help Republicans win in 2010. Can any Granite Staters tell me when the ice-out is? Would be fun to also play some hockey while I’m there.

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Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018


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