Got ovaries? Vote DeVore for US Senate 

Let’s chat about the race for the U.S. Senate Republican primary, shall we? Let’s talk sex and conservatives. As a woman, I am told I should fall in line and vote for Carly Fiorina. We girls should stick together, right?

Ms. Fiorina herself said women should vote for her because she’s not a “white man” like her conservative opponent, Chuck DeVore.

“With all due respect and deep affection for white men — I am married to one,” Fiorina said at a breakfast at Americans for Tax Reform, according to The Hill. “But [Barbara Boxer] knows how to beat them in California; she has done it over and over and over again.”

When I saw that quote, even my ovaries told me to run the other way. Any candidate who thinks she or he is more qualified because of their sex is a candidate we should ignore.

For the first time in my life, I went to work for a candidate. California and the country have a lot to lose in the upcoming election, and I decided to support Chuck DeVore, a real conservative with common sense solutions for what ails our state and country. DeVore is a veteran, he has enough political experience to work effectively (but not so much that it taints him, a la Boxer), and he has already shown that he stands for the principles on which our great country was founded.

Did I mention he’s conservative?

Allow me to mention a few other reasons women in particular should vote for DeVore (these reasons apply to men, too).

n DeVore opposed Obamacare before Congress passed the dangerous legislation that gives government too much control over health care. Honestly, do we want the government butting into our most private decisions?  Do we want state-mandated appointments (or lack of them) for pap smears, mammograms, or other health care women need? I think not. DeVore on health care: “America has excellent health care. We can improve it by applying free-market principles, not by following the failed big-government models of Europe, which will make all of us less secure in our liberties.”

n As mothers or just responsible citizens, education is a big ticket item. DeVore doesn’t look to the federal government for answers. After all, the feds can’t even balance a budget. Why would we want them teaching our kids about basic math? Fiorina, on the other hand, wants to hand the school housekeys over to the federal government. This from her master thesis: “Where I began as a proponent of “States’ Rights” in education, I have ended by believing that we will never meet our own expectations of public education unless the federal government is willing to play a consistent, long-term role ... unless education truly becomes a matter of national policy.”

n One of the most destructive things our current government has done is impose huge debt on our children and grandchildren. It is criminal. Carly Fiorina supported the billion-dollar bailouts of Wall Street — Chuck DeVore did not.

I could go on, but you get the picture. DeVore consistently stands with the Founding Fathers’ principles and Fiorina goes wobbly on them. We know what happens when Republicans vote for the more moderate candidate: We elect folks such as Gov. Arnold SchwarzenKennedy. When I launched the recall against Gov. Gray Davis on my radio show, I hoped for a conservative replacement. Look what “moderates” brought us, a failed state. We can’t afford another “moderate” mistake.

Sorry Sister Carly. If I’m thinking with my brain instead of my ovaries, I vote for Chuck DeVore.

Melanie Morgan is a prominent radio-TV personality and chairman of Warriors for Congress.

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