Good luck explaining this Biden gaffe, Shailagh 

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser last night in Philadelphia, Vice President Joe Biden compared Republicans trying to get federal spending under control to people who blame rape victims for their plight.

Read that again: Republicans trying to get federal spending under control are like people who blame rape victims for being raped.

Here's how The Hill reports it:

"The vice president, known for speaking his mind and at times putting his foot in his mouth, said that Republicans who want to cut spending while at the same time cutting taxes for the wealthy are similar to rape apologists. 

"In setting up his comparison, the vice president explained to the audience that before the Violence Against Women Act that he championed was passed into law, 'there was this attitude in our society of blaming the victim,' according to a press pool account of the event.

“'When a woman got raped, blame her because she was wearing a skirt too short, she looked the wrong way or she wasn't home in time to make the dinner,' Biden said."

Biden, of course, is President Obama's designated lead negotiator in seeking a spending agreement with congressional Republicans led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner.

McConnell and Boehner have complained for weeks now that neither Obama nor Biden have been negotiating seriously, much less in good faith. It's hard to see any hope for such an agreement until Biden apologizes for comparing his opponents to rape apologists.

Go here for more from The Hill, and here for more from multiple sources on Memeorandum.

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