Golden Gate Park paths make bicyclist feel safer 

I live a few blocks from Golden Gate Park and started biking four years ago. I ride through Golden Gate Park several times a week using John F. Kennedy Drive to reach different destinations in the park or in the Richmond or Sunset districts.

I welcome the addition of a separated bikeway on JFK Drive, because there are so many users that it can be scary sometimes to go through the park, especially during the tourist season, due to the high number of cars and tour buses. It’s been really pleasant to bike through recently, and I know it’ll be even better once the project is complete and everyone adjusts.  

Some of my neighbors used to be avid bicyclists before having kids, and I hope the bikeway will encourage them to start biking again with their young kids in tow.

Annie Armstrong, San Francisco

Motherhood is a real job

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen’s comment about Ann Romney being a stay-at-home mom was a mistake. Rosen’s opinion was smug and presumptuous. What are her parenting credentials?

Rosen did not represent President Barack Obama well with her arrogant-sounding comment. Raising a child, whether you are a wealthy woman or not, is an honorable profession.

And what about a father who both works and is raising his child?  

As my child Minh Jeffrey prepares to graduate from high school, I am reminded that, indeed, as the African proverb reminds us, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Anh Le, San Francisco

Errors in trademark story

As a trademark attorney, I am pointing out several errors about trademarks in your recent story (“S.F. man applies for pro-Zimmerman slogan,” Thursday).

1. We don’t “apply for a trademark.” A phrase, words or other symbol, if used as a trademark (brand name), is already a trademark under common law. To be precise and avoid confusion, we say “apply to register a trademark.”

2. The correct name of the organization is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, not “U.S. Trademark and Patent Office.”

3. Patents and trademarks are two very different things. A patent covers an invention, such as a transistor, and a patent application is a complicated document with a long explanation and drawings. A trademark is a word or other symbol that is used as a brand name, such as Coke, and an application to register a trademark is a short form that is easy to prepare. Thus Lawrence A. Sekara applied to register a trademark and did not file an “application for a patent.”

David Pressman, San Francisco

Cargill support troubling

I was amazed but not surprised to find Redwood City City Councilwoman Rosanne Foust publicly advocating on behalf of the Cargill development during a recent council meeting.

The massively controversial and misguided project only got as far as it has because of her support for it as mayor in 2008-09 — all illegal activity, as found by the Fair Political Practices Commission in 2010. She was warned not to continue to violate conflict-of-interest laws. Her remarks indicate she has not taken that warning seriously.

City residents deserve council members who promote  the public interest and welfare over corporations. Cargill’s vision of a “fill the Bay” project under the pretext of “needed affordable housing” is a ruse.

Gloria Maldonado, Redwood City

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