Golden Gate Park bicycle lanes unsafe for all users 

I can’t believe the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition agreed to the new bike-lane design in Golden Gate Park. Cyclists now ride in a lane between the curb on the right and parked cars on the left. Cyclists, roller-bladers, rental bikers and children are all stuck in the same lane with pedestrians trying to get to and from their cars.

When I’ve ridden on it, once I had to dodge a child darting out from between cars and a family of five who strolled across the bike lane, confused about where to go. I’ve also been stuck behind Segways and rental bikers, forcing me and another rider to go out into the traffic lane just to top 5 mph. But of course the traffic lanes are now thinner to make room for the new bike lanes.

So we’re left with one non-functional, unsafe lane and another mildly functional, unsafe lane. Meanwhile, cars have less room to maneuver, and people getting out of their parked cars are forced to try to avoid traffic on one side and cyclists on the other.

I really can’t figure out who thought this was a good idea. The old lanes were fine — why were they changed?

Tom Kleinhenz
San Francisco

GOP’s war on everybody

The Republican war on women is indisputable (Today’s Cartoon, Steve Benson, Wednesday).

However, women are in good company, since the GOP has waged war on just about everything of human value, such as health care, science, education, environmental protection, equal rights, personal freedom, democratic values, family planning, voting rights, the middle class, foreign relations, social safety nets, truth and ethics, duly elected officials and the office of the president of the United States, and even war on peace efforts.

These are the same people who claim to be patriotic. Treason, I think, is a more fitting term.

Jorg Aadahl
San Mateo

Olbermann attack biased

I disagree with your editorial congratulating Current TV’s decision to “ditch Keith Olbermann” (“Current TV right to ditch difficult Keith Olbermann,” Editorial, Tuesday).

As a longtime viewer of Olbermann’s “Countdown” show, he was one of the few political news hosts to have the courage to really say the truth of what has been going on and to express criticism of both the Bush and Obama regimes.

I think The San Francisco Examiner is slanted against progressives like Olbermann, and I’m disappointed again with the bias against progressives in general.

Katie Hickox
San Francisco

Rich must pay taxes, too

President Barack Obama has been touting the “Buffet Rule” — that billionaires such as Warren Buffet shouldn’t pay a lower tax rate than his secretary.

I think they should call it the “Romney Rule” instead. As we come up on April 15 to pay our taxes, we are reminded that presidential candidate Mitt Romney only pays a 15 percent tax rate, while a middle class person like myself pays 30 percent. I don’t see why I should pay twice the tax rate Mitt Romney does.

We need to pass the “Romney Rule” so that millionaires such as Romney have the same opportunity to contribute to America as much as I do.

Marc Perkel

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