'Go ahead, make my day' — first Zodiac killer film 

Hollywood loves a good murder movie, and serial killers are no exception. There are numerous web sites devoted to nothing but serial killer movies, and the Zodiac often gets top billing. His deadly cat-and-mouse game, splashed all over the media, was perfect fodder for the kind of morbid curiosity that can lead to major box office success. "Dirty Harry," the first Zodiac-inspired movie, was so popular that it created perhaps the all-time top movie line, delivered in inimitable fashion by Clint Eastwood as SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan: "Go ahead. Make my day."   

A few movies about or inspired by the Zodiac murders:

» "Dirty Harry" The 1971 movie, the first portrayal of Clint Eastwood’s iconic police character, involves the hunt for the "Scorpio Killer" terrorizing San Francisco, threatening a busload of children and contacting law enforcement to demand ransoms.

Watch the original "Dirty Harry" trailer, below:

» "The Limbic Region" This 1996 made-for-TV movie has Edward James Olmos as a detective tracking "The Scorekeeper," who kills young people around "lovers’ lanes." The killer, like the Zodiac, sends taunting letters to the police.

» "The Zodiac" Released a year ago and filmed in Benicia, this film lacked the high-profile names of the Fincher movie coming out today, but it did have William Mapother, the sinister "Ethan Rom" from "Lost."

» "Zodiac" David Fincher and a cast of stars made the latest film, left, about the murders, coming out today, made primarily in Los Angeles but with select scenes filmed in The City.

» "Zodiac Killer" Inspired by the Zodiac murders, a young man begins a killing spree.

» "Case Reopened: The Zodiac with Lawrence Block." This 1999 documentary includes Zodiac author Robert Graysmith and zodiackiller.com founder Tom Voigt.

The Zodiac Killer coined his name in a 1969 letter to the Examiner. Our special section reviews the new "Zodiac" movie and looks back at his still-unsolved killing spree.

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